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Biomedical acupuncture is used to treat a wide range of conditions. The number of treatment sessions needed depends on the patient’s individual situation. Generally, acute conditions require fewer sessions and chronic situations require more treatments. Acupuncture sessions can last up to 30 minutes.

Acupuncture is very safe when performed by a medical professional. All needles are used only once and then discarded. Treatment can cause mild to strong sensations that are sometimes, but not necessarily, painful. Occasionally bruising or soreness may occur.


Man back pain

Muscle Tension and Pain
BMA releases muscle shortening and improves circulation.

Woman headache

BMA releases tight muscles causing Tension Headaches and improves hormone balance that may trigger Migraine Headaches.

Man woman infertility

BMA improves hormone balance in general and reduces stress hormones that can contribute to infertility.

Woman hotflashes

Hot Flashes
BMA treats hot flashes with an alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

Leg pain

Sports Injuries and Performance
BMA improves circulation which helps muscles to recover faster, enhances performance and reduces the chance of injury.

Back pain

Myofascial Trigger Points
BMA relieves muscle shortening that causes myofascial pain and trigger points (muscular knots).


  • "I suffered from tight trapezius and rhomboid muscles. The pain was so excruciating that I couldn’t face the day and needed help with anything involving arm strength. Within eight sessions with John, my pain significantly decreased... These days when I wake up I don’t wonder how I will get through the day; I wonder what I will do first." Susan
  • "I first saw John for recurring headaches... When my chiropractor suggested I see John for acupuncture, I decided it was worth a try... From the first time I met him, I liked him, and I think his positive attitude adds as much to his practice as his needles. After an intensive month of treatments, my headaches nearly disappeared." Shirley Cline, Blacksburg, Va.
  • "Acupuncture has been an enormous blessing to myself and my husband. I received treatments before we conceived our daughter... We believe in its effectivesness and feel we conceived much faster because of the treatments... I will definitely return for treatments to manage sickness or pain... and when we are ready to try for our next child!" Kristin Sailors, MPT Physical Therapist, Blacksburg, Va.